Scroll Saw|A Drawing Tool

Scroll saws are designed specifically for pattern drawing. They are used for cutting thin material into beautiful and attractive shapes. They are very flexible and easy to handle. Drawing skills are hard to learn and develop. Scroll saws are made for the sole purpose to make wood crafting easier. Simply paste drawn patterns on different materials and cut.

Scroll Saw: A Drawing Tool

They are not as powerful as other saws. Scroll saws have small blades and are used for short cutting with low horsepower. Modified and new scroll saws have variable speed feature compare to the old models which had one constant speed. This feature makes it able to use material of different thickness.

Most of the new models have factory installed dust cleaning system. This removes saw dust away from the blade insuring effective cutting. There are two unique features of scroll saw that differentiate it from band saw or others of the same category. The smaller blade is useful for cutting material of smaller radius (thickness) without damaging the material. It is used for drilling wood pieces for designing various different patterns. The large and continuous blade of band saw makes it impossible.

There are two different types of blades of scroll saw:

Pinned Blade

The name describes the design of the blade. It has small pins on each end. There are quickly replaceable and are easier to use by the beginners than the blank blade scroll saws. There is no need of holders.

Blank Blade

It is has no pin and holders are uses instead. Blank blade is smaller in size and is used for cutting small radiuses.

The most important thing to consider while using a scroll saw is the tension applied on the blades. Scroll saws don’t have high power and require proper tight tension. The tension is checked with the machine powered off. The size of the saw is measured by the distance between the upper support and the blade. For example an 8” saw will allow a maximum material piece of exactly the same size.

There are numerous best manufacturers of scroll saws in the world market. They differentiate according to the sizes, modification and dual features available in particular manufacturer’s model. With so many models available it difficult to decide which one is best for the need. We have developed this site to help you understand the functionality and purpose of each scroll saw.

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