To Plug or Not to Plug|Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws may sound odd if you are thinking about the lumberjack image of felling trees. However, most people who need a chainsaw for home use will not be cutting down huge trees and trimming large limbs. Electric chainsaws can be good alternative to a gas chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws have some advantages over gas-powered chainsaws. Electric chainsaws weigh much less than the heavy gas chainsaws. This makes it easier to handle for longer periods of time. This lighter weight may also contribute to higher safety since the user can manage the electric saw more readily than a bulkier, heavier gas chainsaw. Electric chainsaws also take less maintenance. You do not have to carefully manage mixing fuel with 2-cycle engine oil in the hopes that you do not mix it too rich causing smoke and oily residue on the cylinders. You also do not have to maintain spark plugs and fuel filters or worry about warming up a cold 2-cycle engine. Overall, the best advantage is that electric chainsaws cost less.

Electric chainsaws also have some disadvantages when compared to gas chainsaws. Electric chainsaws have less power, which will make it take longer to make a cut. Although this is okay for pruning small trees and bushes, it will not be able to cut large trees. Another disadvantage is that most electric chainsaws are going to tie you down with 100 feet of power cord. Getting to the area you need to trim could be difficult if it is not within 100 feet of an outlet. Managing the power cord without cutting it could also make using the electric chainsaw awkward.

Several companies manufacture quality electric chainsaws. Three moderately priced electric chainsaws are made by Remington, McCulloch, and Craftsmen. The Remington model 098031 weighs a little over seven pounds and has a 16-inch blade. This model sells for right at $65. The McCulloch model MS1640 is the same size, but it says it can cut up to medium sized trees. It sells for around $80. The Craftsmen model 34116 weighs more at a little over ten pounds. It sells for almost $90.

The three top line electric saws made by Makita and Milwaukee are more powerful. The Makita UC4000 is probably the most powerful electric chainsaw on the market. It weighs nine pounds with a 16-inch blade. This model costs $200. Makita also offers a cordless version in its UC120DWA cordless model. It is very lightweight at only 4.6 pounds, but it is limited by its short 5-inch blade. The freedom from the power cord, however, can allow you to get to trimming areas that are not conveniently located near an electrical outlet. This cordless model sells for $385. The Milwaukee 6215 has been reviewed as the best electric chainsaw overall. It will cost right at $280.

Electric chainsaws can be very useful if you only need a saw for light trimming. With less cost and maintenance, electric chainsaws are the perfect answer for the average homeowner who wants to keep a beautifully trimmed landscape.

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