Echo Chainsaws | Are They For You?

There is no question that there is a plenty of excellent chainsaw manufacturers to choose from and one of those is Echo Chainsaws. Over the years they have earned a reputation for providing excellent saws that outperform many of the others in the same price range.

Echo Chainsaws

It’s the quality of these saws that moved them up the rankings to earn a reputation for being one of the top choices on the market. And it didn’t take long. From a name that was sometimes recognized to a name that is recognized everywhere, all the time. That’s pretty impressive. In fact they are now a leader world wide.

And Echo isn’t just only a leader in performance they are a leader in safety too!!! They offer a very competitively priced saw with one of the best safety records out there. So what ever your job you can rest assured that Echo will help you do it safely. And that’s important!

We’ve all seen those commercials that over exaggerate exactly what their saw will do. Black and Decker claims it can saw through an airplane wing. Stihl claims to offer a saw that works as a baby monitor. Ridiculous! Who’s going to be cutting through plane wings? Or what good does a baby monitor do over the noise of a chainsaw? Do you actually think you are going to hear it?

Echo never claims to be able to do anything it can’t. And there are no strings attached or fine print, or useless examples. They show you what their saws will do in a realistic situation. They offer a product that’s built to do a job and that’s what they promote not a whole bunch of bells and whistles.

Echo is well known for their technological advancements and high tech. Their top model is the CS5000 and it has a reputation to outlast others. It is a higher revving saw for those bigger jobs and it runs much quieter. It’s also more fuel efficient than others in the same class. And it runs on a gas oil mix.

The CS301 is their best selling trimming saw. While the CS305 is a great choice for the home owner with the rear handle control. The CS670 is the number one pick for those working in the forests and for loggers and the CS520 has outstanding cutting power.

Echo is the professional choice if you are looking for a reliable, powerful saw that’s got a reputation for accomplishing those tough jobs without breaking into a sweat. With Echo each saw is designed to do a job trouble free and within your budget. This is a manufacturer that caters to both the home and professional market. And the home market doesn’t loose any of the quality found in the professional products.

Echo chainsaws are a great choice. And you can get some great prices online. In fact you can save as much as 45% just by shopping online. The question is which model is right for you?

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