7 Essential Chainsaw Supplies

Once you have bought a chainsaw, you will want to keep it in good running condition so that it will last as long as possible. Maintaining the chainsaw properly will help it to run smoothly and cut efficiently. For this regular maintenance you will need these seven essential supplies.

Chainsaw Supplies

1. Bar and Chain Oil
Whether the saw has a manual or automatic oiling system, you will need bar and chain oil to prevent friction and heat building between the guide bar and the chain. Any time the chain is not running smoothly or is building heat, it will make the chainsaw engine work harder and less efficiently, which will eventually shorten the engines life. The oiling system should be checked every time before you use it to maintain smooth operation.

2.Air Filter
An air filter protects the engine by helping it to run cooler. A clean air filter will also keep fuel use more efficient. The flow of fresh air is essential to cooling the engine and allowing proper temperatures for the fuel. You should either clean or replace the air filter of you chainsaw after every 10 hours of use.

3. Spark Plug
To keep the chainsaw firing smoothly, the spark plug should be cleaned or replaced after 10 hours of operation. A rough running chainsaw engine will burn fuel less efficiently and making cutting more difficult.

4. Spark Arrester Screen
This small screen attaches to the exhaust port to keep sparks from escaping from the exhaust. This protects the used from burns and from accidental ignition of flammable objects that might be lying beneath the work area. This screen should also be cleaned or replaced every 10 hours of use.

5. Fuel Filter
The fuel filter protects the small engine from harmful contaminates that would be detrimental to smooth, efficient engine performance. The fuel filter should be replaced after 20 hours of operation. If you notice that the engine is discharging more smoke than usual, you may need to change the filter sooner or check that your gas/oil fuel mix is not too rich with oil.

6. Mixed Fuel
Chainsaws require a gas/oil mixture for fuel. Depending on the particular engine, you will to mix a 16:1, 24:1, 32:1, 40:1, or 50:1 mixture of oil to gas. Do not add extra oil because you think it might lubricate it more because this will actual cheat the engine of the gas it needs and make it smoke as it burns the oil. The oil residue will also be deposited on the bearings, cylinder, and crankshaft. With less gas and more contaminants, the chainsaw will have less power. Always mix more than you think you will need. It is not a good idea to the let the chainsaw engine get too low on fuel, so you want to be able to refill it as soon as it starts to get a little low.

7. Chainsaw File
A sharp chain is key to efficient cutting. Depending on the use, you will need to sharpen the chain within one use or up to 3 months. Each size chain takes a specific size round file. Check which size your chain will need and keep a file handy for emergency sharpening as well as regular maintenance.

By keeping the necessary supplies on hand, you can provide regular maintenance to your chainsaw. This will keep your chainsaw running longer and more efficiently over time.

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